Advice From Top Women Management About Getting a Mentor

Advice From Top Women Management About Getting a Mentor

I’m frequently astonished whenever young wome personallyn being ambitious me personally how to locate a mentor. It’s a thing that i believe many expert ladies would perhaps perhaps not find challenging. Yet, this relevant concern continues.

This is validated by my present meeting with Carolyn Lawrence, President and CEO of females of Influence, Inc.

I became at a meeting recently for ladies of Influence, and was struck by a thing that took place. We had simply heard a presentation that is engaging individual branding and just how getting nahead running a business. The area had been full of acutely committed and women that are well-heeled within their profession and prepared for take-off. The presenter had simply exposed up the floor for concerns, whenever a young girl raised her hand and asked the ubiquitous concern: “How can you locate a mentor?” We seemed around, entirely amazed, and thinking to myself, are we nevertheless having this discussion?

Just like I’m thinking this through, we heard an other woman, this time around directly behind me personally, whisper to her friend ‘oh, that’s a great concern!’

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