Causes you may be hemorrhaging after intercourse

Causes you may be hemorrhaging after intercourse

Maternity, STIs, or maybe just a little bit of rough-and-ready – there is a variety of explanations you will be hemorrhaging after gender.

It can be a scary feeling if you’ve ever gone to the toilet post-sex and looked down to notice spots of blood. Your brain immediately races into the worst scenario that is possible and mad Googling probably does not let. But whilst the odds are slender that your particular post-coital bleeding try actually suggesting the kind of disease, Dr Pixie McKenna, GP in the London hospital, suggests you usually, constantly have it tested.

“It’s a symptom that is embarrassing that’s the one thing, individuals will usually put-off visiting the physician,” claims Dr Pixie. “But we’re not bothered, therefore you shouldn’t feel often. We’re not around to sit in judgment.”

Bleeding preceding intercourse could become down seriously to a variety of products, she describes, most of that are detailed here, but Dr Pixie really does wish to advise your of 1 important things it checked out before you do go and get:

“If you go and see a GP or any other doctor about post-coital bleeding, assume that you’re going to have actually an assessment. You will need to psyche your self right up she says for it.


“STIs include definitely a really typical thing to start thinking about, even although you have actuallyn’t got any outward symptoms of other things, like release, serious pain or improvement in the urination,” claims Dr Pixie. But that it could be an STI if you do experience bleeding after sex, you should consider. Continue reading “Causes you may be hemorrhaging after intercourse”