Below, you will find information on Puerto Rico divorce proceedings laws and regulations

Below, you will find information on Puerto Rico divorce proceedings laws and regulations

You’ll find extra information about divorce proceedings, like the dangers of using your young ones away from state while a divorce or separation is pending, on our basic divorce proceedings page. To look at videos that are brief divorce proceedings in Spanish with English sub-titles, head to our Videos web web page. Finally, find out about the court procedure on our finding your way through Court – By your self web web web page.

Exactly what are the demands to apply for divorce or separation in Puerto Rico?

To get divorced in Puerto Rico, you must fulfill one of many following requirements:

  • You have got resided in Puerto Rico for one or more immediately before filing the divorce petition; or year
  • The main cause (ground) for divorce proceedings happened in Puerto Rico or whenever among the partners had been located in Puerto Rico. 1

Exactly what are the grounds for divorce or separation in best russian brides Puerto Rico?

Below is a listing of the lands (reasons) for divorce or separation which are appropriate in Puerto Rico:

  1. One of many partners commits adultery;
  2. One of many partners is sentenced to jail for the conviction of a felony, unless of course s/he gets a suspended phrase;
  3. One of many spouses is really a chronic alcoholic or utilizes medications frequently and extremely;
  4. Cruel treatment or severe insults against one other partner;
  5. Abandonment of this other partner for longer than a year;
  6. Total sexual impotence that is incurable and that started following the wedding;
  7. The effort of the partner to corrupt or prostitute the youngsters;
  8. The husband’s proposition to prostitute their spouse;
  9. Separation associated with the partners for an uninterrupted time frame of above couple of years;
  10. Incurable insanity of 1 associated with partners for longer than seven years that began after wedding;
  11. Shared permission, filed together via an ex parte petition in court or by way of a document that is legal by way of a notary public; and
  12. The irretrievable breakdown of the wedding, filed by either celebration. (Note: Unlike the causes placed in figures 1 – 10, above, this ground is known as a “no-fault” ground so the judge can purchase the divorce or separation predicated on this ground no matter whether your partner items or otherwise not. ) 1

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